KAYE featured in Grimy Goods!

"Charlene Kaye is tired, she has to be, but the eager excitement that gushes from the other end of the phone line seems to overwhelm whatever physical exhaustion she’s carrying. In between her return home to New York from Singapore and a quickly approaching Canadian tour with San Fermin, she finds time to hold a slew of phone interviews (we speculate maybe even eat and sleep) that circle heavily on the anticipation of the release of her Honey EP as KAYE. She’s a machine; but not in the cold, unfeeling, and emotionally disconnected ways that come to mind with such a description. Even over the phone she’s quite affecting, she speaks quickly and urgently, with the invigorations that her passion for music gives her seeping smoothly through the line until you find yourself unawarely invested in her story as a musician." 

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